Can I Repair a Noisy Toilet? Step by Step Guide

toiletToilet is an essential unit, which we cannot live without. It does not develop issues so often, unless where it is being used constantly. Apart from common problems such as clogging, a toilet can start making disturbing noise. Such problems can be solved by the owner, as long as he or she has the right tools. Fill valves are the major causes of a noisy toilet.

When the fill valve of your toilet cannot shut properly, you will hear a lot of noise once you flush. This also means the float needs to be adjusted, or replace the fill valve. Not only the noise problem, but also a lot of water can go to waste. If the valve is adjusted, the float will be reset at a lower level, and thus shut off the water. Damaged or worn out valve cannot be corrected through adjusting the float, and therefore the fill valve requires a new one.

Buying a new one is always an easy solution. Pickatoilet has dozens of reviews on their website for the best toilets that you may check and have an idea about the prices. But if you want to save several bucks, doing it yourself is always a good idea. You just need to follow the instructions, and get everything done as you wanted. It is easy and straightforward. Just read our guide first to see if you can understand the procedure before starting the work.

We have made the steps very easy to understand. So, here are the steps to adjust the float before you think of replacing the damaged or worn out fill valve. So, you will need a pair of pliers, and probably new fill valve to fix the issue.

Steps for Adjusting the Float

Step 1

Open the toilet tank by pulling off the lid, and put aside. It will take just a few seconds to remove the lead because most lids are not fastened.

Step 2

Check the type of the float. Some toilets have floats attached to the fill valve, while others are attached to the fill valve’s body. The floats are of two types; ball float or cylinder float.

Step 3

Locate a screw on the fill valve (usually on top of the fill valve) with a ball float, and then turn it anticlockwise. Continue turning until you notice no water is flowing, and then leave the screw at that point.

Step 4

If the toilet has a cylinder float, you will squeeze a clip on the cylinder float. This is an adjustment clip, so you will squeeze until water stops running. Note that, these do not have adjustment screw like ball float valves.

Now you if you need to replace the fill valve, here are the steps;

Step 1

First turn off water supply below the toilet, and then flush to get rid of all water inside the storage tank.

Step 2

Using a pair of pliers, turn the screw under the storage tank anticlockwise to remove the supply line. Remove the nut from the pipe by turning it anticlockwise. Ensure it gets off the pipe threads.

Step 3

Now you can remove the old fill valve (damaged fill valve) from the tank.

Step 4

Place the new fill valve, and then adjust it to match the old unit’s height. It is adjusted by twisting its body so that you can achieve the suitable height.

Step 5

Put the fill valve inside the toilet, ensuring the threads pass through the opening below the tank. Fit the plastic fill tube into the bowl tube connected on the middle of the water tank.

Step 6

The new fill valve comes with a new but. So put it under the tank around the fill valve, and then fasten with pliers.

Step 7

Now you can place supply line over the threads of the fill valve, and then turn the nut clockwise until it grips tight. Use pliers to turn it once more to ensure it holds tightly. Note: don’t over tighten the nut on the supply line.

Step 8

Turn the water supply valve to allow water into the tank. Now squeeze the adjustment clip on the cylinder float, and adjust the water level by pulling the clip down or up.

The above steps are easy to follow. You don’t need to hire someone if you have time to do it. However, due to tight schedules, some of us may opt to get an expert to do the job. There are many experts to call in case you want assistance. Plumbers are also capable of repairing a noisy toilet, but ensure you get the right person.

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