Choosing an Electric Guitar for Beginners

We have many different shapes, styles, and sizes of guitars. Choosing the best while safeguarding your wallet can be a challenging thought. Your intention of looking for a guitar might be different from someone else, perhaps you need a guitar to play specific genres of music, or you just need a guitar to play based on a given style or rhythm. That is why guitars are different in various dimensions of playing and users’ experience.


Guitars may look alike when browsing hundreds of them in a store, however, every guitar is different when you start using. The resonance and sound, as well as tuning capabilities are different.

Therefore, our guide is focusing on the basic aspects most people tend to consider while buying their first guitars.


As much as people love to own the best guitars, price remains one of the major limiting factors. ESP, Gibson, and Fender are generally the best guitars in the world. Your dream might be valid, and eventually own a Gibson guitar. However, you must be ready to part with a four-figure value of your money. This is not a mere amount because several used cars are even cheaper compared to a Les Paul guitar!

For the beginners, you are just at the start of the game. It is advisable to go for ordinary guitars at first, as you prepare to own those expensive ones as you grow your music career. Don’t forget you must train yourself about the chords and scales, and this should be done with your first guitar. However, remain focused to pursue your dream guitar one point in time after you have learned and perfected all playing tactics. To pick the best electric guitar for beginners visit


Even though we should never judge a book by its cover, no one hates having elegant things. When it comes to shopping for a guitar, most guitarists will probably look at the physical appearance of a guitar. Of course, it is one of the main buying decisions and it actually influences whether or not someone will buy.

Some may consider buying based on how best the guitar can play a specific genre of music. Remember, every guitar comes with its own style of playing and it will determine if it can suit the kind of music you need to play. Other people may consider buying a guitar that looks beautiful and matches with what they like doing on daily basis.

Whichever motivation that drives you, it is acceptable to choose a guitar that looks smarter. Of course, you will be more interested in playing what you like not what you see. Therefore, choose a desirable shape, color, and size of a guitar that will motivate you to continue using it even in future.


Sound and “tone”

Price and looks are some of the factors to consider while choosing a guitar, but sound can be the most critical aspect to any guitarist. You might have bought a guitar because the price was friendly, but you realize it does not offer exactly what you wanted. Guitars’ tone is different from one instrument to another, and each tone is suitable for particular music. In addition, some rhythms and tones require specific tuning.

The sound of a guitar should be a key factor while buying, though beginners might not be able to discover that. If you are a newbie in the guitar world, you can seek help from another experienced guitarist with similar interest in the type of music you are trying to play.

Whenever you think of buying a guitar, let the above 3 factors click in your mind. Have a clear picture of the guitar you need, the sound it should produce, and your intended budget. This will help you make a wise decision, and eventually buy the right guitar for your needs.