How To Clean a Curling Iron

Make sure that when you decide to curl your hair, it is properly washed and you should always follow simple instructions to have a very positive outcome and to have the curl that you’ve ever wanted. When curling, it is really important to choose the right material and product to use so that it will not damage your hair by using a cheap and a low quality of curling material and product. Make sure that when you are using your curling material you always follow the instruction of your iron to avoid damaging the iron and also your hair. Also pays attention on the cleanliness of your curling iron so that the dirt from your iron will not transfer to your hair that can lead to damage hair.

Tips on how to clean your curling iron:

Hairstylist basically owns a lot of curling iron and they are all used to achieve different types of curl or wave. One thing that is very important to all of this curling iron is that, they are all needed to be cleaned not just clean, but to be properly stored so that your curling iron will last longer. Even if you only have 1 curling iron you also need to clean it not just to last it longer, but also to prevent the transfer of dirt into your hair that will cause in hair damage. Cleaning your curling iron has very easy, just make sure that you follow instructions on how to clean your curling iron. It is al advisable that before using your iron you will first read and understand all the instruction and manual of the curling iron to avoid damage to your iron and to your hair.

  • Always clean your curling iron every once a month by using a rubber alcohol and a clean wash clothes. Many of you do not give any attention in cleaning your curling iron, but those rusty gunk in your iron will result to dryness of your hair and can also result in slight yellowish for a blonde hair. Product that sticks to your curling iron can be easily removed by an alcohol, but make sure that you unplugged you iron from the socket and it is warm enough to touch.
  • Do not try to use cold water in cleaning your curling iron. Too much cold temperature will cause damage to the spring inside the curling iron. Always give your iron, time to cool down before starting to clean it so that it will not damage your curling iron. If you are in a rush and you need to clean your iron before living do not use cold water, use the curling bag of your iron and wipe it to your iron. Just make sure that you do not overuse your cloth.
  • When you are finished cleaning with your curling iron, avoid wrapping your iron cord around the handle of your iron, by doing this, it will result for damage of the chord of your iron. Instead, you grab a rubber band and ponytail the cord of your iron and put it in its bag.

cleaning a curling iron

Make sure that whenever you decide to use a curling iron, always make sure that it is clean and properly maintained to avoid damage of your heating styling device. Also to avoid hard stains on your curling iron make sure that you always clean it before and after you use, so that it will prevent it from building dirt and gunk. You should also use some hair product that are not harmful to your iron to avoid hardening of stains, especially hair sprays, make sure that you buy a hair spray that are very easy to clean when stick to your curling iron. Proper usage and cleaning of your curling iron will extend the life of your iron for a longer period of time.

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