What Kind of Shoes Are Good for Flat Feet?

Looking for the suitable pair of shoes for your flat feet? No worries! We are here to help you! With recommending you the right kind of shoes, you will now surely ease up the pain and stress caused by your flat feet.And as you go on with the article, you will also further understand why people tend to have it. Here check it out!flat-feet

A flat foot is a typical malformation described by the fallen arches of the foot. Unlike normal foot with a normal arch, flat foot exists without any arch hence the entire region of the foot touches the ground. This condition is not regarded as a serious abnormality since many people commonly suffer from this. The only risk is that, people with flat feet tend to feel more discomfort, more prone to injuries and stress.

Our ligaments, our tendons and our muscles provide the support for the arches of our feet thus helping us to either walk or run. However, for people who have flat feet, tendons supposedly supporting the feet are absent. And as a result of this, pain and soreness tend to always affect the body when walking, running or any movement.

You may feel that it is unfair to live with a flat feet but it wasn’t that bad as it seems to be. Bearing with a flat feet is not your choice and sometimes caused by unavoidable factors like family history, injury, nerve disorders, aging, damaged tendons, obesity, and even pregnancy. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll forever suffer from being flat footed. There is still a solution on making you feel comfortable when walking or running. That is to find what proper shoes that will comfort you.

As a flat-footed person you have to consider shoes with raised insoles, soft lining foam, and perfect with foot size and shape. This way, you’ll be more comfortable when standing, running or walking. Also, consider shoes specialized with its duty. Here is the list you can consider when choosing the best shoes:

  1. The Support shoes like tennis and cross-training shoes


Having flat feet means you need better support for your foot. Shoes like stilettos, high-heels, sandals, flip-flops are a No-No. They will not give you proper lift and comfort for your flat arch. As much as you want to wear those kinds of shoes, you can’t because they are only designed for normal arched foot. So, as an alternative, shoes like tennis shoes and cross-training shoes. Both of these shoes are designed to give smooth support for side to side movements of the flat feet. They also ensure to give your foot the perfect arch fit and artificial shock absorption from your fallen arched feet.


  1. The Stability shoes like walking and running shoes


Flat-footed people like you cannot normally maintain a straight landing of their foot unlike the normal arched do. Since having flat feet tends you to pronate or turn your ankle inward as you walk or run, you have a big chance of hurting your ankles, knees and feet regularly. You are also prone to injuries because of this. So, to help you be comfortable with your stability, you should consider buying walking and running shoes that will correct pronation.


  1. The Motion control shoes like walking and running shoes with dual density foam


Since flat feet need not only support and stability shoes, buying for a more specialized running or walking shoes to control motion is necessary. Running shoes with harder dual foam is designed for flat arched feet to keep the ankle straight when moving forward thus preventing severe pronation and soreness.


As you buy your shoes, consider purchase two types of running shoes. One will be used for ordinary run and the other for heavier running. This way you’ll assure that your flat feet will always be comfortable and pain-free every time you run or walk. This will prevent your shoes from being damaged easily which can cause low protection to your feet. Also, buy shoes that fit your size perfectly. Do not buy tight shoes. Instead, consider shoes with a little allowance from your real size.And lastly, always remember to buy shoes for protection not for fashion.

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