Office Health – We Spend Most of Our Time in Offices

office chairKeeping health while in the office is quite essential, and one of the most crucial things is comfortable seating. Many workers complain of back pains due to prolonged sitting, and we all know that ergonomic chairs are recommended in every workplace. Stress and fatigue are problems associated with poor blood circulation and bad posture. The worst of all is getting an injury on your spine while sitting on that chair. For your information, even those ergonomic chairs can cause backaches depending on how the users interact with them.

Therefore, here are a few tips to help you understand best practices while using your office chair.

  1. Avoid unstable chairs that doesn’t have a back support

When we go shopping for office chairs, most of us will consider the price before anything else. This is where the problems starts and eventually choose the wrong chair. Price should be one of the factors to consider, but according to the stability and back support of the chair should be the top aspect. For me, I recommend using 5 legged base chairs for stability purposes. Before making the purchase, check the wheels and casters are durable and strong to support your weight. Also, ensure they fit securely into the base.

  1. Assemble the chair carefully

Poorly assembled office chair may bring a negative impact over time, simply because all the parts are not in order. Even though some chairs are sold when already assembled, it can be very hectic to take that chair to your office if not disassembled. If you have bought the chair, and you want to assemble the pieces, it is advisable to take time and do it carefully. In case the task is too difficult, look for an expert to do it on your behalf. However, you can make use of the manual and follow the guidelines. More importantly, ensure that wheels or casters are properly inserted into the base.

  1. Consider the nature of your office floor

Hard surfaces and carpeted floors are suitable for wheeled chairs, and most chairs come with casters. If your office has too smooth surface, you may not require wheeled chair because it may cause injury. Softer casters are ideal for tiled floors, but you can seek help from interior office designers. In addition, choosing a chair based on the nature of the floor will help prevent damaging the surface.

  1. Regular checkup of its parts

Your office chair is like any other investment, and it requires regular checkup. The parts usually weaken with time, and you may not realize the impact instantly until you start feeling backaches. It is advisable to inspect the chair’s parts after every 2 to 6 months, and if some parts are loose, you can tighten them. In case some parts are already worn out, you can decide to replace them or buy a new chair. Very busy offices where workers spend at least 8 hours on the chairs, the inspection should be done after every two months.

  1. Adjust to suit your body

Ergonomic chairs come with adjustment features, which enable users to change the height according to body posture. Other typical office chairs can also be adjusted or modified to fit the user’s body. People have different heights, and that is why most seats can be adjusted according to individual’s height. Ergonomic chairs have tilt feature, as well as tension control to accommodate different weights of users. Therefore, you need to adjust your chair until you achieve the best comfort.

  1. Avoid slouching

Tilting and leaning on Tilting and leaning on your office chair is a bad habit that puts more pressure on the vertebrae and spinal discs. Ergonomic chairs have perfect lumber support, and you should avoid putting more body weight on one side than the other. In most offices, workers usually use desktops. You need to move close to the working area to avoid leaning and effort of reaching. Also, the chair may fall if tilted too low backwards leading to back injury. If you cannot sit without tilting often, it is better to buy another chair with a sturdy tilting feature.

There are many office chairs out there, but the choice may depend on the number of hours you will be sitting on it. Also, there are specific features you need to check before purchasing your ergonomic office seat. Therefore, you can do some bit of research. This will help you choose what best suits your needs, as well as ensuring a healthy working environment.  see our article about working boots.


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