How to Properly Use an Epilator in 5 Steps!

Most of you may have experienced hair removal procedures, and waxing and shaving are common among people. There is another method known as epilation, which removes hair deep at its roots. Epilators are the devices used, and their tweezers can remove hair in a single stroke.

epilator typesIf you have not used epilators before, they might seem annoying for the first time. The irritation during-and-after use is not pleasant, but you will get used after frequent applications. Epilation is said to be quite practical, especially for those that want to achieve the sexiest legs. However, do you know to epilate?

We shall give you five steps on how to use an epilator, and get the best out of it. These have been narrowed down to give a clear picture about use of epilators, rather than giving too much stories that may confuse the users.

Step 1: Charge the epilator and create time for epilation

Most epilators are rechargeable, and they can operate for more than an hour before recharging. Sometimes people forget to charge the epilator, which might be annoying especially when power dies while in the process. Once you ensure the epilator is fully charged, don’t just start to epilate. Create time for it, especially at night when you are not leaving for any night out. Though epilation may take as short as just 30 minutes, there are red bumps that will be left on the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to do it at night so that the skin heals overnight.


Step 2: Prepare the skin appropriately

There are two types of epilation; wet epilation and dry epilation. If you consider wet epilation, it is advisable to take a warm shower for about 15 minutes before starting. Also, exfoliate your skin and then apply some shower cream on the epilator and the area to be epilated. For dry epilation on the other hand, you need to wipe the skin using a towel in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This is to make the hair strands to stand and weaken, and also to remove any oil, moisturizer, or lotion from the skin. Epilator will work effectively on dry skin.


Step 3: Switch on and start

The epilator produces a scary sound, but some come with switch settings. Use the setting to control the speed, until you achieve the best for you. When the epilator is pulling the skin, you might experience some more pain. So, you can use the other hand to stretch the skin on areas where skin tends to fold. In addition, the epilator should be held at right angle to your skin. This ensures the device plucks hair more efficiently. As said earlier, the epilator should be moved to the opposite direction of the hair growth. Glide it in circular motions in order to remove every hair.

Step 4: Move the epilator slowly

Moving the epilator too fast may lead to hair breaking instead of removing at the root. It may also force you to repeat areas you already finished because hair is still visible. If you move it slowly, hair will be removed effectively without need to repeat some areas. However, you need to ensure one area is fully cleared of hair before going to another. Once you finish epilation, you can apply moisturizer on the skin to enhance its healing from the red bumps.

Step 5: Clean the epilator

Epilator maintenance is done through proper cleaning. Use a brush and some disinfectant such as alcohol to clean the epilator. For wet epilation, wipe the epilator using a dry towel. However, it is not recommended by to share your epilator with other people.

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