Do I Really Need a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

zero gravity massage chairEven though many people are buying massage chairs to use at the comfort of their homes, these electric powered machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. Several folks have been asking whether it is ideal to have a massage chair. The anticipated answer from many sellers will always be a big “YES”. Of course, it looks pretty nice when in the living room. It reflects a state of classiness and style. But don’t forget that every business person is out there to make the profit!

Honestly, you have stumbled on the right page because I will give unbiased information about massage chairs. Everyone has a right to make buying decisions, and therefore I won’t deny you the right to buy one! However, my main purpose here is to inform people the things they should know about these chairs.

Advantages of Using Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

  1. Can help reduce muscle tension and pain

muscle tensionThey can relieve muscle tension and pain according to manufacturers of these zero gravity massage chairs. Those that have used them before say they had good results, and they feel to continue using them. Improper posture is one of the causes of back and neck pains. A good massage is said to alleviate such pains. If these massage chairs offer a reliable massage, they can be a perfect alternative to masseuses.

  1. Can alleviate emotional stress

stressOffice workers are most affected by emotional stress especially due to pressure from their bosses and clients. Stress is said to be a major cause of cardiovascular disorders and fatigue, which may even lead to depression and anxiety. A massage being one of the therapies to get rid of the stress naturally, even the massage chairs can offer a similar solution. They are designed to mimic the human touch massage, and therefore can be a perfect solution to those that cannot access reliable massage centers.

  1. Can improve blood circulation

The blood circulation can be affected if the muscles are compact. A full body massage can improve blood circulation if done right, from the head to the toes. The massage chairs are designed to offer full body massage, and thus can be a better solution to get rid of muscle tension. They use air pressure system and vibration to relax muscles, hence improving transportation of nutrients and oxygen in the body tissues.

  1. Can be energy booster

energyA good massage has been seen as a way to improve sleep and reduce stress. Since massage chairs are designed to provide almost similar human touch massage experience, they can boost your body’s energy and feel rejuvenated. This will, in turn, increase your productivity and performance in the job.

  1. Can correct your posture

Poor posture is caused by bad sitting habits, especially on the office chairs. The body responds to back pains through bending, which may result in bad posture over time. A good massage can relieve those pains and therefore restore your upright posture. The massage chairs can get rid of back and neck pains, thus bring back your upright posture.

Disadvantages of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

  1. Not effective as a masseuse

Even though massage chairs offer a relaxing massage and can alleviate aches and pains, they are not as effective as a professional masseuse. They are just man-made machines to mimic a real human touch massage.

  1. Maximum user weight

heavyA professional masseuse is not limited to the weight of an individual when it comes to massage therapy. However, massage chairs have maximum user weight. This is a big drawback to those people exceeding the maximum weight, meaning they will not be able to use a massage chair.

  1. Weight of the massage chair

A massage chair is bulky, and can be very cumbersome whenever the user wants to move or relocate to a new home or office. It also requires special handling in order to prevent damaging its delicate parts. This means you will incur a lot of costs of moving the chair alone, not to mention the cost of moving other belongings.

  1. High costs

Massage chairs are generally expensive. The first initial investment is huge, and not many people will afford it. It may cost about $4000 to buy a new massage chair.

  1. Health issues

The massage chairs use electricity to vibrate. Therefore, it is advisable to first seek doctor’s advice before using them. Therefore, not everyone can use massage chairs depending on their health statuses.

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